Letter to the Editor

ZRA should improve clearing service at the airport

Dear editor,
ZAMBIA Revenue Authority (ZRA) is a quasi-government institution whose mandate is to collect various forms of taxes. These include pay as you earn (PAYE), value added tax (VAT), turnover tax (TOT), withholding tax to mention but a few.
ZRA is also charged with the responsibility of clearing goods and services at the points of entry, the borders and also at Kenneth Kaunda International Airport (KKIA).
However, the clearing of goods and services at the above named airport leaves much to be desired. You would find that the clearing system is in most cases down.
It might take a day to have your goods cleared and in some instances it takes two days due to the poor clearing system.
I have been to this airport to clear some goods on several occasions, but experiencing the same problem. This is an inconvenience because people have a lot of things to do.
There is no way someone can spend the whole day at the airport to have their goods cleared.
On this score, I earnestly appeal to ZRA to improve their clearing service. This can be done by either upgrading their system or by replacing the obsolete equipment.

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