Letter to the Editor

ZRA officer exemplary service, impressive

Dear editor,
MOST officers in public institutions are known for their laise-faire kind of attitude towards work especially when it comes to customer service.
But today allow me to commend one officer, Christopher Katema, from the Zambia Revenue Authority (ZRA) Headquarters for exhibiting unique traits and exemplary behaviour towards his work to clients.
On February 21, 2019 I visited the ZRA offices to inquire about my pending business issues with the company.
Whilst at their premises, I was privileged to be attended to by this gentleman, Mr Katema, who at the time seemed very busy with work but he had to stop whatever he was doing to attend to me. He also had to ensure that my query was fully addressed before I left his office.
This is the behaviour that most Zambian people look for in the civil servants- having a heart for the people you serve, which is rarely shown in most cases.
This man’s behaviour towards work and clients is admirable and I feel obliged to commend his attitude. Well done!
I would also like to appeal to other officers in public institutions to emulate this man because good deeds yield results.

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