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ZRA, introduce inheritance tax

Dear editor
CAN the Zambia Revenue Authority (ZRA) collaborate with Government to introduce inheritance duty as soon as possible on real estate.This tax, which can be defined as a tax levied on property after the owner’s death, will greatly improve Government coffers.
The best nation is where government has more money than the people.
The only reason citizens of developed nations are so admired is because their nations are great, not because of personal wealth.
It is great to see our country slowly turn into a medium-income nation.
Unfortunately, the rich-poor gap still remains alarming.
Government recently introduced a fast-track title deed issuing office.
Let us use this office to swiftly streamline property ownership in Zambia.
Once we have a proper database of property ownership, it would be prudent to introduce inheritance tax. Collected resources must go to better social welfare for every Zambian, especially to support accessible housing projects.
This tax can be a start to levelling the economical platform in Zambia.