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ZPPA introduces electronic procurement system

THE Zambia Public Procurement Authority (ZPPA) says the newly-introduced electronic government procurement (E-GP) system will enhance transparency and rid the system of corruption.
The e-GP is expected to curb corruption and promote civil society awareness on procurement matters because of the open-door policy to information and predictability of the system.
ZPPA director general Chibelushi Musongole said the E-GP system is likely to enhance socio-economic development and adherence to the national development plan.
Dr Musongole said this on Thursday during the official opening of a ZPPA workshop on the e-GP system.
He said the system will promote transparency in procurement because people will be able to access information by browsing the ZPPA website.
“People will be able to prepare for bids because of the standardised e-bidding process and interested parties will have automated compliance validation during bid submission. This will give them high chances of winning bids,” Dr Musongole said.
He said interested parties will also be able to submit their bids from anywhere in the world.
Dr Musongole said this will boost people’s confidence in Government because there will be transparency in the procurement process through the publication of information in each stage of the process.
In addition, the e-GP will reduce the procurement cycle and help bidders meet the development agenda.
“E-GP will help to reduce corruption and malpractices because there will be reduction in face-to-face transactions and because there will be anonymity of the bidders until bid opening,” Dr Musongole said.
He said the e-GP system will also promote efficient monitoring of contracts through e-contact management system.
In addition, Dr Musongole said the new system will improve data availability to Government for better planning of procurement.