ZNS transforms Mangango

LUNGU (on combine harvester right) in the wheat field of ZNS at Mangango farm. PICTURE: ZNS

BENEDICT TEMBO, Mangango, Kaoma
FROM the comfort of his seat, the tone of his voice and the manner he interacts with his command staff, it is clear that John Lungu is enjoying every bit of his stay at Zambia National Service Mangango Unit, where he is commanding officer.
Lieutenant Colonel Lungu has every reason to be happy: he is in Mangango at the right time when the transformation of the unit 57 kilometres west of Kaoma District is on-going and he will be part of the success story.
The unit, which lies off the Katunda – Lukulu highway, is not only the economic hub of Mangango constituency but is also the educational and medical centre.
The unit, which sits on 590 hectares of land, is currently utilising 310 hectares it has cleared for cultivation of maize, soya beans and wheat.
In the 2019-2020 farming season, the unit cultivated 240 hectares of white maize and 67 hectares of wheat.
“This season [2020-2021], we will cultivate 250 hectares of white maize and 70 hectares of soya beans and wheat respectively,’’ Lt. Col. Lungu says.
Col. Lungu is happy that Mangango has pioneered centre pivots irrigation in Western Province.
Vice-President Inonge Wina commissioned the centre-pivots on July 18, 2019.
“ZNS command attaches great importance to production activities,’’ Col. Lungu said of the mandate given to the institution by CLICK TO READ MORE

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