ZNFU wants tailored training for agro-dealers

ZAMBIA National Farmers Union (ZNFU) says there is need to design agricultural training programmes that are pertinent to businesses dealing in agro inputs to contribute effectively to the agriculture sector.
ZNFU head of business and membership Coillard Hamusimbi said more tailored training for agro-dealers will enhance understanding in the role the traders play in the agriculture sector.
In an interview on Wednesday, Mr Hamusimbi said that more awareness will promote mutual business relationships that are free from exploitation between the agro-dealers and the farmers.
“What Government wants to see is a business relationship without any form of exploitation between the agro-dealers and the farmers and that is why we are advocating for extensive training of agro-dealers in the country,” Mr Hamusimbi said.
He also said ZNFU has engaged monitoring teams that are on the ground to observe and report any incidences of misconduct among agro-dealers.
“Agro-dealers who will be sighted for unfair practices in the distribution of the inputs will not be selected to distribute the inputs next farming season.
“We are having a challenge with some of these agro-dealers who feel they can hike the price of the inputs anyhow, but we have engaged our monitoring teams who are working tirelessly and those who will be sighted for such practices will not be selected in the next farming season,” Mr Hamusimbi said.
He has since urged national input suppliers in the country to ensure that they stock adequate inputs to cater for all districts.

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