ZNFU calls for use of ICTs

ZAMBIA National Farmers’ Union (ZNFU) deputy director Ellah Chembe says the promotion of appropriate technologies and financing models in the agriculture sector will enhance productivity especially for small-scale farmers in the country.
Mrs Chembe said there is need for farmers to embrace the use of information and communication technologies (ICTs) to enable them attain inclusive crop yields.
“With all ICT advances around us, we have little choices but to help our small-scale farmers realise that continued reliance on hoes and outdated technologies cannot lead to increased productivity and their growth. The adoption of mechanisation, agronomy, husbandry technologies, electronic payments and other electronic services is what will unlock their growth potential,” Mrs Chembe said at a media briefing recently.
Mrs Chembe said in a bid to improve farmers’ productivity and incomes levels, ZNFU will continue exploiting ICT advances and other innovations that are aimed at facilitating agriculture development.
Currently, ZNFU is providing some E-programmes to the farmers such as E-extensions, prepaid Visa cards, an E-payment platform, modernising small-scale farmers’ inputs access, facilitating the farmers support service programme E-voucher pilot and real time payment solutions among many others.
Meanwhile, Mrs Chembe said the introduction of agricultural service centres will help to facilitate strong private sector linkages.
She said the service centres will help small-scale farmers to improve their output from subsistence agriculture to more profitable, market-oriented production systems.

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