ZMSA aids Makeni Hospice, Banda community

THE Zambia Motor Sports Association (ZMSA) and Pembe Milling have donated 100 bags of breakfast mealie-meal worth K6,500 to Lusaka’s Makeni Hospice and Banda community of Chisamba.
ZMSA vice-president Sam Ching’ambu said in an interview in Lusaka yesterday that the association decided to donate mealie-meal to help the needy.
Mr Ching’ambu said ZMSA officials were touched with the harsh conditions the people of Banda community are living in.
The ZMSA officials were in Chisamba last Sunday for the fourth round of the Action Auto National Rally Championship.
“If you go to Banda community you will definitely be touched. People there have no food and they have no water because they just settled in that place recently. We just hope this donation of mealie-meal will help them,” Mr Ching’ambu said.
He thanked Pembe Milling for partnering with ZMSA in helping the underprivileged in communities.

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