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Zillah celebrates Zambia in new single

ZILLAH Mubangalala.

HER latest single called Jubilee na tubili is basically commemorating Zambia’s 52nd independence anniversary.
The petite girl with a big pair of lungs, Zillah, decided to record the song after all the events she saw happen prior to Zambia’s general elections.
The song was inspired by Zillah’s belief that Zambian youth could have conducted themselves better in the run up to the general elections.
“I wanted to put out something to encourage young people to be a bit more proactive in the betterment of the country,” she shared.
The up-tempo track was a stretch out of her comfort zone but she managed to take it in stride and prove that she can be a versatile singer.
Jubilee na tubili is produced by Mixtzo and Zillah had additional help from artists such as F Jay and James Sakala.
“There are a lot of people that put a hand in the song and it is nice to see it come to life,” Zillah noted.
The soulful singer has been asked about an album but does not feel the time is ripe for one just yet.
An album however, is definitely something she insists she is working on and is something that will happen sometime soon, one way or another.
Musically, she wants to keep making music that inspires and that is captivating and enjoyable for both the older and younger folk.
“I will keep releasing singles,” she assures. “This year has been a bit dry until now partially because I went through a really crucial time with my school.”
Over time, Zillah has slowly learnt that she can do anything with her voice. Most of the music she has done so far is more soul or afro jazz inclined.
“Jubilee na tubuli is very unlike me. It’s one of those danceable, boostele tracks and I’m more of the jazzy, soul type of person,” she explains.
In terms of sound however, Zillah still sticks to the afro-jazz genre which she believes is where she belongs but will not limit herself as she feels there is more she can do.
Last year, Zillah released the single, Woman to the World as a tribute to Women’s Day. The song was also endorsed by Pizza Hut Zambia in celebration of women.

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