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Ziligoneous to release Mwabi Naye Nimuntu

CONCERNED about the plight of the marginalised in society, multi-talented journalist Mark Ziligone aka Ziligoneous will soon release a new single titled Mwabi Naye Nimuntu, which is aimed at associating with albinism.
Mark feels duty bound to use his talent as a singer and his profession as a journalist to speak for people living with albinism.
The Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation (ZNBC) staffer said in an interview with the Weekend Mail in Lusaka that the Mwabi Naye Nimuntu track will educate the community on the need to view people with albinism as equal partners in the country’s development agenda.
“Society should realise that the fact that people with albinism have a different skin colour from us does not make them less human or disabled; they are just like us and they deserve our love and respect,” Mark says.
The new single also speaks against the recent gruesome killings of people with albinism by some who allegedly use their body parts for rituals.
“It has been reported that a lot of people with albinism died after their lives were taken by selfish people in suspected ritual killings. That is why I had to do a song to speak against this ill,” he says.
Signed under Silent Music Entertainment, Mark says the song, produced by Silent Erazor, will be released before the start of next year.
“I am also working on a video for the same song and it should be released by January next year,” Mark, who is inspired by MC Wabwino, says.
Mark thanked government for recognising the World Albinism Alliance and the International Albinism Awareness Day which falls on June 13, an event he feels is an important platform to highlight the plight of people with albinism.
“The World Albinism Day gives me and other stakeholders an opportunity to speak against stigmatisation of people with albinism,” he says.
In his continued quest to use his talent to speak for the vulnerable, Mark, who shot to fame for his Junta song which exposed illicit drug abuse among bus drivers, intends to also work on a song highlighting the plight of the blind.
On his acting career, Mark disclosed that a comedy media company in Nigerian has invited him to feature in a movie next year.

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