ZICTA warns over SIM cards

THE Zambia Information and Communications Technology Authority (ZICTA) has warned against buying pre-registered Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) cards from mobile service providers, a trend that is common on the Copperbelt.
ZICTA public relations manager, Ngabo Namkonde said it is illegal for people to buy pre-registered SIM cards from mobile service providers without having their personal details entered into the data base.
“We have observed that most mobile service providers are selling pre- registered SIM cards and people are buying them, especially here on the Copperbelt. This is illegal,” she said.
Ms Namkonde was speaking in Kitwe on Friday during a public forum organised by ZICTA.
She said customers should instead have their SIM cards registered with their own personal details and not those of an agent from a service provider.

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