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THE Zambia Information and Communications Technology Authority (ZICTA) is currently conducting data collection for the 2015 Information and Communication Technology (ICT) survey. The data collection exercise which began in the first week of August, 2015, is expected to be completed at the end of the month. This is a demand and supply side survey on access and utilisation of ICTs in Zambia.
Primarily, the survey seeks to update the ICT baseline indicators (Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa as well as International Telecommunication Union standardised metrics) last collected in 2010. These indicators capture information on usage and access to ICTs across individuals, households, enterprises and government institutions.
The survey will also provide an opportunity for the authority and the government to measure progress made in the adoption and application of ICTs by the identified target groups. Furthermore, the survey will also include an ICT sector review to measure its size, scope of products and services available, as well as identify any regulatory or policy challenges affecting operators.
In collaboration with the Ministry of Transport, Works, Supply and Communications, and the Central Statistical Office (CSO), the ZICTA are responsible for the implementation of this survey. The partnership with the ministry will ensure that information on regulatory and policy issues is adequately captured. At the same time, the national statistical office is providing technical back stopping for the investigation to enhance the credibility of the findings of the survey.
As the estimates and findings from the survey are expected to be nationally representative, a scientifically selected sample has been identified. About 6,000 households are expected to be interviewed in the survey, while about 1,700 firms have also been selected. In addition, all the licensed providers of ICT services have been identified in the sample. Equally, all government institutions will be interviewed on aspects of access and utilisation of ICTs.
A multi-pronged data collection method is being employed in the survey. Enumerators from the CSO are visiting households and firms to gather information using data capture devices. At the same time, providers of ICT products and services, as well as government institutions are being solicited to fill out questionnaires.
Among the notable topics being investigated in the survey are: Child online Protection strategies by households, online risks and their mitigation strategies by households, and ownership and access to ICT products and services by households and firms.
Other topics include pricing of ICT products and services, perception on quality of service, access and usage of digital financial services, and access and utilisation of ICT products and services by firms and government institutions.
It is envisaged that the findings of this survey will assist in formulating policies and strategies that will not only increase access and usage of ICTs, but also protect users of these products and services.
In addition, the survey is expected to provide useful insights on the constraints and obstacles in the business environment for operators in the ICT sector. Insights gathered from the firms’ usage of ICTs will also be useful in devising strategies for improving productivity and efficiency gains among firms through ICTs.
Overall, the survey will provide a useful yardstick for measuring the country’s progress in becoming an information society. The authority is encouraging recipients of the questionnaires to cooperate with the data collection team in the field as results of this research will contribute towards interventions being made for the benefit of users of ICTs as well.
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