ZICTA issues SIM deadline

THE Zambia Information and Communications Technology Authority (ZICTA) has given mobile subscribers a two-month ultimatum to correct wrong information on their subscriber identification modules (SIM) or face permanent de-registration.
In a statement issued yesterday, ZICTA is urging members of the public to check their registration status with their respective service providers.
“ZICTA, in conjunction with service providers, namely Airtel, Zamtel and MTN Zambia, has commenced a clean-up of the registered SIM cards held by the operators,” the statement reads.
ZICTA says the clean-up is intended to address unclear photos, incorrect and incomplete information and other details on the IDs.
“Please be informed that all SIM cards deemed to have any of the problems highlighted will be permanently de-registered, if not corrected by February 29, 2016,” the statement reads.

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