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ZICTA authorised dealers

THE Zambia Information and Communications Technology Authority (ZICTA), under Section 66 of the ICT Act No. 15 of 2009, has been mandated to Type Approve electronic communication apparatus including radio communications equipment used or to be used in the provision of electronic communication in Zambia.  Further, Section 64(3) of the same Act compels importers or Suppliers of any electronic communications equipment to register the original equipment manufacturer’s identity with ZICTA.  ZICTA authorizes and registers those dealing in such apparatus and conducts inspections to ensure that they only sell what is type approved.
According to the Statutory Instrument  No. 6 of 2011 Section 66(1), a person shall not use, supply, sell, offer for sale or lease or hire any type of electronic communications equipment or electronic communications apparatus, including radio401communication equipment, used or to be used in connection with the provision of electronic communications, unless the equipment, electronic communications apparatus or radio communications equipment has, subject to subsection (3), been approved by the Authority.
The Authority publishes a monthly Dealer’s bulletin which aims at providing information for all dealers in the ICT sector. This bulletin is used as a knowledge kit that enables dealers and the general public to keep abreast with current regulations.  It highlights newly registered dealers; newly type approved equipment and also provides the links to comprehensive lists.      ZICTA will this year be revising the Type Approval guidelines in order to fit into the current trends.  Notable areas that are going to be revised include the modification in the exempt list.  Items that are currently exempt from type approval are going to require mandatory approval before they can be sold in Zambia.  Procedures for Type Approval are also going to be reviewed to make it simpler for applicants and to also take into consideration the online application portal which has been introduced.
You may find the list of authorized dealers by clicking on the Authorized Dealers link.
You can find the list of type approved equipment using the List of Type Approved Equipment link.
The type approval schedule of fees can be found by clicking on the Type Approval Fees link.
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The applicants can access our ZICTA websites or (, or contact us on the following telephone numbers 0211-244424/244427/241236