Zesco to light Lupososhi constituency soon

THE chiefdom of Senior Chieftainess Chungu of the Bemba people of Luwingu district in Lupososhi constituency, Northern Province, will soon receive electricity.
Zesco Limited has started erecting power lines to connect various institutions.

Chieftainess Chungu has commended the government for starting the electrification exercise in her chiefdom.
She said the commencement of the works, which will see the electrification of schools and various public institutions under Zesco Limited, shows that President Lungu is fulfilling his promises.
In an interview, Chieftainess Chungu said there is need to appreciate the work being done by the government.
“Whoever would say the government is not working is a liar because we have seen a lot of projects being done under President Lungu. With this project, we are confident that even the construction of access roads will start,” she said.
Chieftainess Chungu said her subjects are elated by the project, which has seen the engagement of several people in her area in carrying out the works.
She said several youths have been employed under the project.
“The people here are very happy as they have been waiting for such projects for a long time. We are happy that we are now seeing progress,” she said.
Chieftainess Chungu thanked the government for taking development to her chiefdom.
“I thank President Lungu for all the works he is doing in the country and in my chiefdom in particular,” she said.


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