Letter to the Editor

Zesco taking ages to connect my house

Dear editor,
PLEASE, allow me to express my disappointment at the delay by Zesco Limited in connecting electricity to my new house at plot number 129 in CK Marble Village, Garden House, Lusaka West.

I paid K3,743 at the Zesco area office at Livonia shopping mall in Garden House as connecting fee on September 7, 2017 after receiving a quotation from the company.
The staff told me that field officers would visit my house any time to inspect it and begin connection works.
To date, no one has visited my house despite several follow-ups. I just see vanloads and truckloads of Zesco workers moving around the area.
My neighbours have warned me that it may take even half a year to have my house connected unless I give someone something for a drink, which means bribing a Zesco worker despite having paid the K3,743 to the company.
I don’t want to believe them, but my complaint is: why is it taking ages to connect electricity to my house when I have already paid and Zesco has used my money?
Whoever is responsible for the CK Marble electricity connections should look into my case before I escalate the matter to the Competition and Consumer Protection Commission (CCPC) and the Energy Regulation Board (ERB).
My receipt number is 26069511-12405352 generated on September 7, 2017 on machine number 4136. Service point number 3125754.

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