Letter to the Editor

Zesco response towards faults undesirable

Dear editor,
A FEW days ago there was a power cut in Lusaka’s Kalingalinga township around 19:00 hours which affected a few houses.
Electricity was not restored until the following day despite reporting the fault. I know Zesco has quick response which is supposed to attend to faults almost immediately.
Apparently, this is not the case in some areas nowadays. Sometimes you have to make several follow-ups before the problem is addressed.
When you call customer service they would tell you that the maintenance team is in your area and that they would attend to the problem, but they would not show up.
People in townships know now that if the problem only affects few houses in an area the response will not come immediately, but when it affects the entire township the power company will restore power after a few hours.
What is it that makes a fault affecting few houses in an area not solvable in few hours like it is done when the power cut affects the entire township?
The quick response facility should be seen to work even when it is a few houses affected in an area.

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