Letter to the Editor

Zesco must suspend load-shedding

Dear editor,
WITH the outbreak of COVID-19 and as a way of preventing further spread, a number of companies have allowed their workers to work from home. However, in some areas like Kwamwena there is load-shedding on a daily basis for more than eight hours.
In view of what is going on, how will people and companies survive? Zesco should be considerate at this point to ensure that power supply is not disturbed. This will affect the fight against the pandemic. With load-shedding, some workers who could afford to work from home are being forced out of self-quarantine back to the offices. This battle is for everyone, including Zesco.
Moreover, there are schools that are also providing online lessons. However, these are also being hampered by lack of power because electronic gadgets cannot be sustained for longer hours without power.

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