Letter to the Editor

Zesco hurting businesses, affecting lives

Dear editor,
LOAD shedding is something Zambians have come to live with, irrespective of the assurances by Zesco and promises of an end come June.
However, the timing for power outages is getting out of hand and hurting people more severely.
Citizens who thrive on businesses such as salons, restaurants and welding are being short-changed by the power utility firm over its abrupt supply of power, which is withdrawn from 06:00 hours to around 14:00 hours.
While restaurant operators may adapt by using charcoal, you do not expect welders and barbershop/salon operators to use charcoal.
Please Zesco, help us survive, we are tired of your messages “loss of supply in your area is as a result of a fault affecting the main line”.
It is becoming clear that investigations are no longer underway to establish and rectify the fault and Zesco seemingly do not imagine the inconvenience they cause and never regret.
Kabwata Estate resident

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