Zesco cuts loadshedding

ZESCO has further reduced load shedding times from eight to four hours per day following an improvement of water inflows at the Itezhi-Tezhi Dam.
Zesco senior manager for marketing and public relations Bessie Banda said in a statement yesterday that the improved water inflow has enabled the power utility to generate at full capacity of 120 megawatts (MW).
Ms Banda said this, coupled with an increase in imports of electricity, has enabled Zesco to reduce hours of load shedding.
The reduction in load shedding has been gradual following last week’s reduction from eight to six hours per day due to the decrease in the power deficit from a high of 1,000MW at the beginning of 2016 to below 500MW.
Ms Banda said load shedding will ease even further as the water utility continues to commission projects that are nearing completion.
Zesco has since commended its customers and the general public for their co-operation and understanding during the period when the power deficit was at a critical level.

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