Zesco to build 750MW plant

ELECTRICITY supply company Zesco has engaged a Swiss consultant to do a feasibility study for the construction of a 750-megawatt hydro-electricity power station at Kafue Gorge Lower.
Zesco engaged Zurich-based Poyry Limited to do an evaluation and analysis of the potential of the proposed power generating station, according to a notice published in the press by Zesco’s marketing and public relations department.
The power project will be developed downstream of the existing Kafue Gorge Power Station (KGPS) and will involve the construction of a dam and a surface powerhouse, among other auxiliary structures.
The project, which will be funded by International Finance Corporation (IFC), will involve the construction of either a 140-metre concrete-face rock-fill or a roller-compacted concrete dam, the notice says.
Zesco held a consultative meeting in Chikankata district to get additional information and feedback from residents who will be affected by the project in accordance with the environmental and social impact assessment requirements.
The stakeholders’meeting is also in conformity with the requirement of the IFC performance standards.

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