Letter to the Editor

Zesco announcement of hitting 1m customers wrong timing

Dear editor,
I SAW in your paper recently that Zesco has hit a landmark of one million customers connected to the national grid.
Whilst this is a landmark, I honestly feel its announcement has been done at a wrong time. It’s a very good thing that the customer base has continued to grow.
However, Zesco’s pronouncement comes at a time when it has increased the period of load-shedding, which is having a negative effect on productivity at commercial, industrial and household level.
It would have been good if the plan for ending load-shedding was also included in the pronouncement.
We have lagged behind in investing in alternative sources of energy in the light of climatic changes now being experienced.
I have failed to adapt to this load-shedding as I grew up at the time when it was non-existent, as the major thing that could disrupt supply was maintenance.
I therefore can only appeal to management to respond to the clients’ needs to invest more in energy sources which will ultimately result in eliminating load-shedding completely, and together we can celebrate the increase in the customer base.

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