‘ZEMERIP important in addressing challenges of lead contamination’

KABWE deputy mayor Billy Sichamba says the Zambia Mining Environmental Remediation and Improvement Project (ZEMERIP) is important in addressing the challenges of lead contamination among residents and the environment in the district.

Mr Sichamba said while it is common knowledge that Kabwe faces the problem of lead contamination following many years of mining lead and zinc, not the whole of Central Province’s capital is affected.

“We have had a negative publicity around the issue of lead. It’s destroying our image that Kabwe is the most polluted place but the town is not as polluted as people are made to believe,” Mr Sichamba said.
Speaking when World Bank officials paid a courtesy call on him, Mr Sichamba said Government is happy that the International Finance Corporation (IFC) a member of the World Bank Group which funded that ..

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