ZEMA reviews projects worth $765m

THE Zambia Environmental Management Agency (ZEMA) has reviewed projects from six sectors worth US$765 million from various developers in January and February, 2017.
Out of the 68 projects, ZEMA approved 49; deferred 12and rejected three during the period under review.
ZEMA corporate affairs manager Irene Lungu disclosed in a statement issued yesterday that in February 2017, a total of 68 environmental impact assessment (EIA) reports were considered from various developers across the country, with an estimated investment of US$138,752,909.
“The total cumulative estimated investment for projects considered in January and February, 2017, is US$765,023,425,” she said.
Under urban development, the estimated investment amounted to US436,519,461, with US$10,062,026 invested in January and US$26,457,435 in February, manufacturing and processing was at US$49,854,766, (US$10,603,161 in January and US$39,251,605 in February), while agriculture and forestry gobbled US$12,120,360 (US$11,670,360 in January and US$450,000 in February).
Prospecting and mining had an estimated investment of US$24,590,373, (US$2,520,000 in January and US$22,070,373 in February), while energy had the highest investment of US$641,938,465 (US$591,414,969 in January and US$50,523,496 in February).
She said Ms Lungu said a decision regarding the remaining projects was not made pending additional information from the developers.
Ms Lungu said all approved projects are subject to specific conditions within a given timeframe.
“ZEMA’S decision can be withdrawn without notice should a developer fail to comply with laid down conditions and commitments,” she added.

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