ZEMA elates Kabwe company

ENVIRO Process Limited (EPL) is happy that the Zambia Environmental Agency (ZEMA) has approved its environmental impact assessment plan to establish a leaching plant in Kabwe.

EPL owns un-mined and partially mined underground resources, shafts, infrastructure, and the company has surface rights and tailings at former Zambia Consolidated Copper Mine lead mine in Kabwe.
EPL general manager Geoff Casson said the plant will have the capacity to process 80 tonnes of material.
Dr Casson said after initial submission of its project, ZEMA requested for new data, especially with concerns of effects of lead on the environment.
He said EPL submitted new data on quality and levels of lead contamination in the surrounding areas, before ZEMA approved the project.
“We are trying to make this a Zambian project as much as we can,” he said.
“We received the certificate of approval from ZEMA in July 2016, and this has enabled us to start setting up the processing plant.”
He said EPL has developed “totally new” and environment- friendly process of extracting lead at the plant that will be constructed.
He said in the initial stages of operations, the company will employ 80 to 90 workers, and the number will gradually increase as operations expand.
Dr Casson said EPL recognises that labour and skills necessary for its undertaking are readily available in the country.


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