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ZDM golden jubilee supplement educative

Dear editor,
I took three days to read the entire golden jubilee supplement of Zambia’s independence and I would like to share with fellow readers who could have missed or ignored to read the bulky supplement.
The following are some of the major, interesting and educative parts that I learnt:
The late freedom fighter Dr Peter Matoka was in the first cabinet at the tender age of 34; The loss to Zambia arising from road traffic accidents is estimated at K1.0 billion or 3% of GDP; Former president Kaunda elevated Mr Sata from Governor to Minister of State for Decentralisation because of his effectiveness; Kalusha Bwalya is the only Zambian to have scored  10 goals at one edition of the 1996 AFCON.
There was also the story of 82-year-old freedom fighter Jacob Kapanga, who was shot twice by colonial soldiers on August 9, 1961 and later jailed for 6 months in prison; the women’s bank to open doors to the public on march 8, 2015; Sun international Zambia pumped K80,000 into the  renovation of Maramba Old Peoples’  Home in Livingstone as part of jubilee present to senior citizens, John Mwanakatwe was the first black Zambian to obtain a university degree and Alexander Grey Zulu is the longest serving party-secretary-general since independence. Well done Zambia Daily Mail and keep it up.

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