ZCTU chides splinter unions


THE Zambia Congress of Trade Unions (ZCTU) says the labour movement in Zambia will remain strong despite attempts by some interest groups to create divisions by forming splinter unions.
ZCTU president Nkole Chishimba said at the organisation’s biennial general council on Saturday that those forming new unions are allegedly power-hungry people who wanted to remain leaders perpetually.
“They think that trade unions are milk cows which must be used to advance personal interests. We want to send a single and simple message to all those divisive elements that they will fail just like those who tried the same in the past,” he said.
Mr Chishimba said there is need to continue with the work of building a congress that will remain preoccupied with broader social, economic and political issues as well as the immediate concerns of the members.
He said ZCTU should continuously strive to remain a force for social transformation.
Mr Chishimba said the biennial council should carry forward the struggle to continue building a ZCTU that is committed to worker control and democracy, maintaining its independence and also being conscious of the dangers of being co-opted by employers and politicians.
“Fellow workers, our collective bargaining system has been severely strained by the inability by employers to respond favourably. Negotiations in the public sector have stalled and we are not sure whether a wage freeze has not been sneaked in through the back door,” he said.
The ZCTU biennial general council attracted 300 delegates and 42 affiliates.



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