ZCF ventures into transport business

THE Zambia Co-operative Federation Limited (ZCF) has ventured into the transport sector to buy eight haulage commercial trucks at cost of about K20 million to generate income from hiring.
ZCF director general James Chirwa said the federation has resorted to buying eight trucks for transporting various goods countrywide.
Mr Chirwa said in an interview recently that the issue of raising funds has been a challenge hence the need to venture into the transport business as a way of being self-sufficient instead of being dependant on Government funding.
ZCF is a company specialised in farming and supplying of agricultural chemicals and other inputs.
“With the booming in infrastructure development in the country, as a federation we have decided to venture into the transport sector by purchasing eight haulage commercial trucks at a cost of about K20 million,” he said.
Mr Chirwa said the ZCF has also signed contracts with construction companies from China to enable transport constructing equipment to rural areas.
He said ZCF is also working with the Food Reserve Agency by transporting some of the produce to various parts of the country.
“We are hauling construction equipment to rural areas through this partnership. Our trucks are being hired and normally, we are picking and dropping various goods for different institutions,” he said.

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