ZAPD gets K76,000

GOVERNMENT has this year given the Zambia Agency for Persons with disabilities (ZAPD) in Southern Province K76, 000 to help address various challenges faced by the disabled people in the province.
Southern Province ZAPD co-ordinator Ruth Munkombwe said the funds received from Government for the first and second quarter are meant for education, empowerment and purchase of assistive devices for the disabled people.
Speaking in an interview, Mrs Munkombwe said so far, about 46 physically challenged people benefited and more were yet to benefit as the funds disbursed for the second quarter were still available.
She said her office is targeting the districts that are not on social cash transfer so that they also benefit from empowerment funds.
Mrs Munkombwe implored the disabled to use the empowerment fund to venture into business that can help sustain their family needs.
She disclosed that the agency was only empowering the people that were already in small businesses as a way to boost the already established businesses.
“It is difficult to give capital to a disabled person who is not doing any business because they would just use that money to buy something eat and go back to the street to beg,” she said.
Mrs Munkombwe however said though the funds are still not sufficient, there has been great improvement because the funds have been increased.


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