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Zamtel to nurture female students undertaking technical courses

ZAMTEL has embarked on empowering female students who are undertaking technical courses to encourage both girls and boys to have equal opportunities.
Zamtel chief marketing officer Lho-zindaaba Sakala said in an interview recently that Zamtel has engaged universities to ascertain the number of female students to be sponsored by the company.
Ms Sakala said Zamtel has embarked on the robust programme in order to encourage more female students to take technical courses so as to reduce the current bias in the education system.
“My hope is one day to see women match up with their male counterparts,” she said.
She said the ratio of girls to boys taking technical courses is worrying as most girls still believe such courses are a preserve of boys.
“We want girls, too, to be engineers or economists because they too have the potential to do it,” she said.
“Some girls are afraid to take up certain courses because they believe such courses are a preserve of men. Women have the same capabilities as men,” she said.
Ms Sakala has appealed to all girls and other institutions to come on board and eliminate the current landscape in the education system.
She said the programme is in line with Government’s policy to promote girl-child education.
Meanwhile, Ms Sakala has attributed gender-based violence (GBV) and early marriages in most parts of the country to the high illiteracy levels among girls.
She said if girls can become self-reliant, no man can take advantage of them and ill-treat them.

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