Zamtel focuses on network expansion

ZAMTEL intends to focus more on investing in network expansion and enhanced capacity to grow the business into a viable and profitable entity before the end of this year.

Company acting chief executive officer Sydney Mupeta said the firm has continued to handle all growth barriers to sustain an impressive surge that has seen the entity break into the two million subscribers ceiling this month.
Mr Mupeta said in a statement availed to the Daily Mail on Wednesday that the company’s performance has continued to improve, recording consistent positive revenue since May due to prudent resource utilisation and exciting product offers including the recently launched Zamtel Kwacha.
“The company has continued on this accelerated growth trajectory both in revenue and subscriber numbers coming on the back of an aggressive subscriber acquisition drive, attractive marketing and product offers as well as the impact of the revised tariffs on fixed line service.
“Zamtel remains committed to investing in network expansion and increased capacity aimed at improving customer experience, accelerated customer acquisition and revenue growth,” he said.
In May, Zamtel picked up its performance to record the highest month-on-month growth in mobile prepaid revenue of 26.1 percent, growth in mobile subscribers of 9.6 percent, gross revenues of 18.6 percent and achieved a profit for the first time in 2017.

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