ZAMSEED goes for winter maize project

TO CUSHION the country against potential food shortages, the Zambia Seed Company (ZAMSEED) is implementing a winter seed maize project in Zambezi valley.
ZAMSEED director of research Bhola Verma said in a statement yesterday that: “This time it is another challenge COVID-19. The original mandate that was given to ZAMSEED, when it was established as part of the nation’s overall food security structure, is being fulfilled yet again and that is my pride today.”
ZAMSEED chairman Jordan Soko said his organisation is committed to serving Zambians with quality, high yielding Zambian seed.
“Since 1980, ZAMSEED has been committed to serving Zambian farmers with quality, high yielding certified Zambian seed and prides itself on this and increasing yields for small-scale farmers. I am proud that Zamseed has fulfilled its mandate to help small-scale farmers in Zambia and the region in a time of international crisis,” Mr Soko said. CLICK TO READ MORE

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