Letter to the Editor

Zambia’s wealth in a few hands

Dear editor,
I WRITE as an afterthought after some interactions with some foreign colleagues on the welfare of our country Zambia as viewed by outsiders and ourselves.
Zambia has over a period of time created a very good enabling environment of investment opportunities to a lot of multinational companies who cash big in conjunction with well-known Zambian nationals.
When you do a search at PACRA, you will find that many a time same names of some Zambians appear as partners with the foreigners because of that 49 versus 51 percent foreign and indigenous stake requirement.
This is very common especially in mining and transportation industries where you find the names of Zambian shareholders in these multinationals to be same in most cases.
A few Zambians are stinking rich while the majority Zambians are wallowing in abject poverty, what a disgrace!
Money is in the hands of a few individuals yet the Zambian Government is broke to the knees.
One then wonders whether our tax system is really up to the good cause.
Zambia may be broke but Zambians are not.
The call therefore by President Lungu to get to the root of this pandemic is very welcome and the sooner and quicker it is done the better.
Why should we be at the mercy of donors always yet Zambia is a rich country in nearly everything.
Let us turn around the abundant natural resources that God has blessed us with for the betterment of every Zambian, not only a few individuals.

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