Letter to the Editor

Zambia’s top 20 tourism rating, inspiring

Dear editor,
THE rating of Zambia as one of the top 20 countries to be visited in 2020 by CNN Travel is no mean achievement.
It is good that it is coming from an independent organisation. What more could authenticate the amazing and vast tourism potential the country is blessed with?
Even a blind man can attest that Zambia is one of the very few countries on earth that is greatly blessed with natural tourism.
Zambia is blessed with abundant wildlife in different species. The country also boasts of a number of spectacular waterfalls in addition to the Victoria Falls, which is rated among the Seven Wonders of the World.
Talk of just water bodies. Zambia carries 40 percent of the region’s water.
Zambia is also rich in cultural heritage with traditional ceremonies across different ethnic groups being the most popular.
Zambia should however learn to appreciate what they have instead of waiting for outsiders to reaffirm the value in the country’s tourism.
Zambians should also invest in marketing to ensure that Zambian tourism takes its rightful place on the world map and bring in the necessary foreign exchange.
I wonder why as a country we have struggled to market our tourism which is so rich in value. There are countries like Rwanda who do not have natural tourism sites to market and yet they have successfully used the genocide to spin tourism wheels. There are countries that are making money by marketing buildings including churches as tourist attractions. These are manmade features and yet people are able to attach value. How much more the natural wonders which beat human understanding like the Victoria Falls?

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