Zambia’s ICT growth on global level – Panji

ZAMBIA is proud to host  one of the most dynamic and fastest growing Information and Communication Technology (ICT) industries in the region that resonates with global trends.
Deputy Minister for Transport, Works, Supply and Communications Panji Kaunda said this on Friday during a Zambia Information Communication and Technology Authority (ZICTA) cocktail for Ambassadors accredited to Zambia.
Colonel Kaunda also said although Zambia is landlocked, it is now being respected as a land-linked country whose ICT industry is currently one of the fastest growing in the region.
He said this can be attributed to strong government policies which support an independent regulator and also promote a good environment for competition.
According to Col Kaunda, Government has embarked on some key initiatives that have contributed to the expeditious growth of the local ICT industry such as extension of ICT services to rural chiefdoms through installation of communication towers.
Others are the Connecting Learning Institutions project where computer laboratories are being established in secondary schools, colleges and universities, which has increased levels of access to ICTs among youths.
He said the expansion of fibre optic in the country by different players continues to facilitate the extension of ICT services to all the provinces of Zambia.
“For example, the second phase of its optic fibre network expansion costing approximately K300 million (US$60 million) which Zesco Limited has embarked on will cover 10 provinces and 46 urban and rural towns in Zambia,” he said.
He cited some achievements in the ICT sector as the appointment of Dr Christine Kaseba as International Telecommunications Union  ambassador for E-health in recognition of the country’s efforts towards promoting the use of ICTs in the health sector.
Col Kaunda also highlighted the most recent event hosted by Zambia, the ‘Cyber drill for Africa’ which attracted 18 countries and was organised to demonstrate the region’s preparedness in the area of Cyber security.

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