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‘Zambia’s economic outlook strong’

ZAMBIA’S economic outlook is strong as there are a lot of opportunities waiting to be exploited, Cavmont Bank chief executive officer Charles Carey has said.
Mr Carey said the economy is expected to be strong due to the stabilising prices of copper, which is Zambia’s major export product.
He said in an interview recently that investors are looking forward to the next five years for new policies and programmes and hopes the in-coming Government will continue creating an investor-friendly environment.
“The Zambian economy is stable, as copper prices have a positive impact because it is the major export earner. We also expect Zambia’s historic political maturity to prevail as we head to the general elections next month, and we look forward to the next five years of new visions, policies and programme, among others.
“Zambia has a strong economy and has witnessed a lot of growth in various sectors but there are still a lot of opportunities to be exploited,” he said.
Meanwhile, Mr Carey said the Kwacha is expected to be stable but it is not independent of other currencies.
The United States dollar has globally strengthened and negatively affected several currencies