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Zambians should avoid idle talk

Dear editor,
ALLOW me to express my concern over idle talk which is taking centre stage in this country at the expense of national development, peace and unity. You hear it in homes, offices, churches, bars etc. Idle talk is counter-productive and it is the chief architect of hatred, division and disunity.
Elections are over but you still hear people issuing inflammatory partisan comments intended to injure others. Should the country continue to trade on this path and still expect to maintain peace and unity?
The founding father of this great nation Dr Kenneth Kaunda’s fear of tribalism taking root in this country is founded and timely. What is most worrying is that this is coming from the so-called leaders of political parties and little does one see this scourge among communities who have embraced each other so well.
I could be from Eastern Province but my best friends are from Southern and Western provinces and it therefore baffles me to see how some leaders can sink so low as to use idle talk and tribalism in the quest to ascend to power. They have literally used all ways including hatred, malice, blackmail, propaganda, idle talk, name it, to advance their political agenda.
Our prayer as a nation is that the Almighty God should continue to give Zambia leaders who will unite people instead of bringing division. Let us learn to work and enjoy the fruits of our labour in love and unity as a nation. Let us avoid idle talk and learn to keep quiet if we have nothing to discuss.
May the Almighty God continue to bless our beloved country.

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