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When Zambian musician Mwale fell in love with Rwanda

“PART of my soul is still here, and I will come back here no matter what. I wish to come back here and do more projects here.”
These were the words of Zambian jazz, blues and reggae singer Yvonne Mwale after performing in Kigali at Isaano Arts Festival alongside Ivorian Aly Keita and Ugandan Joel Sebunjo over the weekend.
That she fell in love with Rwanda is not an ordinary thing for a musician who has performed on many stages around the continent and in Europe. Although based in Frankfurt, Germany, she says Africa remains her favourite destination and home.
The 26-year-old was born in Lusaka, Zambia, to Michael Mwale and former songstress Jelita Mwanza in Petauke. Both parents are deceased. Mwale started singing at the age of five in church and at school.
However, growing up wasn’t easy for the songstress; life changed dramatically when her parents died when she was only 12 leaving her with nothing, but her talent. Despite her misfortune, she managed to survive by doing odd jobs.
“I have had a bad past. For me to reach this point, it wasn’t an easy journey. I didn’t even finish school, I was homeless for some years, but it doesn’t really matter. What is important is to believe in yourself and to believe in whatever it is that you do,” she said.
Her music resonates with her experience, life’s challenges and it also aims to “connect to people’s souls.”
Mwale began her professional career in 2009 and has since toured the world and won awards at home and abroad.
Mwale attributes her successful journey to “believing in herself.”
“The only secret is to keep my hopes at heart and believe in myself and what I do, it’s not for money. I enjoy this, I’m an artiste, I’m a musician and I love music. This keeps me going.”
She urges artistes to sing from their hearts, not for money, and not to “rush things.”
“Always have a kind heart, humble yourself wherever you go because we are all equal,” she said.
Some of her songs include Can I call You My Love, Family Yangu and Fight Like a Soldier. – NEW TIMES RWANDA

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