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Zambian actress launches label

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SALLY Phiri, an actress and entrepreneur, has launched a label to encourage Zambians to wear locally- designed and tailored clothes.
The 25-year-old thinks Western dressing has too much influence on Africans, especially Zambians, and hence her coming up with this initiative.
“I decided to open up a department called S.P Designs which focuses on encouraging Zambians, as well as other nationals, to feel comfortable in clothes made in Zambia,” she said.
S.P (Sally’s Point Designs) is a department under Sally’s Point Consultancy.
She opened the department in February this year.
“So far, I am doing very well with clients making orders from all over the country,” she said.
Ms Phiri says her passion for fashion and design started when she was young.
“Although I always wanted to either be a journalist or lawyer, my passion for designing outweighed that of the above. When I was 16 years old, I always altered clothes my mother bought for me,” she said.
Last year, Ms Phiri enrolled to study Fashion & Designing at Lusaka Business Technical College, and this encouraged her to come up with the label S.P Designs.
With just two months in the fashion industry, Ms Phiri’s designs are trending.
“Ever since I launched this label, I receive a minimum of five orders a day from clients from all over Zambia and beyond,” she said.
Ms Phiri said S.P Designs trendy and creative clothes that make people look stylish and decent at the same time.
“I think local designers are honestly trying but most of them lack a professional touch in running their businesses, and that is why most of them do not seem to be growing, the majority don’t do enough marketing, and they also under value their products,” she said.
“We also have a number of talented models in Zambia, but the sad part is that majority of them are either not paid for their work, or are just paid peanuts.”
She has her own models and ventures into grooming talent.
Ms Phiri is an actress/entrepreneur who loves to help people in different ways.
She established a company called Sally’s Point Consultancy which focuses on grooming and building talent, as well as supporting the vulnerable by making contributions to orphanages.
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