Zambia’ll remain peaceful – Mwaliteta

ZAMBIA will remain a peaceful country, Central Province Minister Obvious Mwaliteta has assured.
And the Roman Catholic Church has implored politicians to provide leadership so that Zambia remains a haven of peace.
Speaking yesterday at Godfrey Chitalu Stadium in Kabwe during the memorial mass in honour of President Sata, Mr Mwaliteta said the Patriotic Front will provide leadership until another leader who understands Mr Sata’s vision is found.
Mr Mwaliteta told the gathering that Mr Sata started the PF alone and among the few people he called to join him was acting President Guy Scott.
“We worked with Michael [Sata] and hope that all of us, especially those in leadership, will not stray from his vision. We should stay focused to ensure that his vision is carried on,” an emotional Mr Mwaliteta said.
“We will find a leader, we promise you [Zambians] in a peaceful manner, in a Christian way and in a traditional way. We will find a leader.”
Mr Mwaliteta said Mr Sata had an all-encompassing vision and wishes he was still alive to finish his first term of office.
He assured Zambians of continued peace, saying greedy people will not be allowed to destroy the country.
“He [Mr Sata] has done a lot. He has done his part and one thing I am comforted with [is that] he has died a happy man because he has achieved what he wanted to achieve,” Mr Mwaliteta said.
He said the challenge remains with young people to be patriotic and move Zambia forward.
Mr Mwaliteta said Mr Sata was loved by many Zambians, which is why he has been mourned countrywide.
Earlier, Kabwe Catholic Diocese Bishop Clement Mulenga urged politicians to provide leadership that will guide Zambians towards peace and stability.

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