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Zambia tops Africa in sanitation

THE House of Chiefs has been conferred with the 2015 local government leadership award by the Africasan conference held in Dakar, Senegal.
The award is in recognition of efforts and achievements in sanitation and hygiene which result in sustainable behaviour changes and tangible impacts.
Ministry of Chiefs and Traditional Affairs permanent secretary Michael Pwete received the award at his office yesterday. The award came with a trophy and prize money of US$1,000.
Former House of Chiefs chairperson Senior Chief Madzimawe presented the award to Mr Pwete. The chief received the award in Dakar, Senegal on behalf of the House of Chiefs.
Mr Pwete said the award is a clear testimony of the efforts of Government in recognising the important role that chiefs play in the development of the country.
He urged the chiefs to continue supporting Government to help improve sanitation and hygiene in their various chiefdoms.
Chief Madzimawe said the purpose of the conference was to review what countries have done in improving sanitation and provision of safe drinking water.
“As traditional leaders we have been in the forefront to ensure that every home has a toilet,” he said.
UNICEF Chief of Toilets John Pinfold said his organisation’s partnership with Government on water and sanitation, has seen 11 chiefdoms declared Open Defecation Free (ODF).
He said UNICEF, traditional leaders and Government are committed to building the momentum to ensure that more chiefdoms is declared ODF free.
Mr Pinfold said six awards were up for grabs at the Africasan conference and the country got two awards, which has put Zambia on the world map in terms of the sanitation success story.
The other award went to a Zambian organisation called Wasaza, which got an integrity award.

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