Zambia to host AU Africa Freedom Day celebrations

THE African Union (AU) has chosen Zambia to host regional celebrations of Africa Freedom Day this year.
Visiting AU regional delegate Auguste Ngomo disclosed the development when he called on Minister of Foreign Affairs Minister Harry Kalaba on Friday.

He said Zambia was one of the five countries in Africa which had designated May 25 as a holiday and it was befitting for her to host the celebrations.
Mr Ngomo praised Zambia for being a beacon of peace on the continent.
And Mr Kalaba told the envoy that Zambia welcomes the gesture extended to her to host celebrations.
“We are happy that Zambia has found favour for the AU Southern Africa Regional Office to hold the celebrations of this year’s commemoration of Africa Freedom Day here in Zambia,” Mr Kalaba said.
Mr Kalaba told the envoy that Zambia is committed to implementing the ideals of the AU and that she will soon take over the chairmanship of the AU Peace and Security Council.
He said Zambia also looks forward to her continued collaboration with AU in moving the continent to greater heights.


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