Letter to the Editor

Zambia safest country rating commendable

Dear editor,
I WRITE with pride and happiness to refer to the story that was published in the Zambia Daily Mail dated February 14, which talked about Zambia being ranked the safest country to visit this year due to its peace.

This is according to a United Kingdom-based travel fare aggregator website and travel metasearch engine.
Skyscanner posted on its website last Friday that Zambia, which is the only African country, is leading the top 10 list followed by Slovenia and Japan.
New Zealand comes fourth, Norway fifth, then Chile followed by Austria, Singapore, Costa Rica and Portugal.
This means that the country has done its best in image building, peace and unity.
It should be the responsibility of every citizen to sell our country in a rightful way, this goes to all political players especially those who like painting our country negatively in quest to gain political mileage over sees on expense on citizens to stop and do the right thing.

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