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Zambia never short of leaders

Dear editor,
IT HAS been said from time to time that leadership is from God. Leadership at whatever level in the echelons of power is about servanthood.

The implication of this is that leaders are there to serve the interest of the people. In this manner, people can have a life worth living. In other words, they should enjoy life to the maximum by accessing all the basic necessities of life such as clothing, food and shelter.
However, leaders come and go. It is not surprising to see those in the echelons of power, including politicians, relinquishing positions through resignation, for instance.
Some political leaders can lose their positions through dismissal by the appointing authority. Just recently, Mr Lucky Mulusa was fired as Minister of Development Planning. A few days later, Bahati lawmaker Harry Kalaba resigned as Minister of Foreign Affairs. Honourable Kalaba pledged to continue serving as Member of Parliament for his constituency.
Following the dismissal of Honourable Mulusa and the resignation of Honourable Kalaba, President Edgar Lungu appointed Nkana lawmaker Honourable Alexander Chiteme as Minister of National Development and Planning. Former diplomat and Kwacha Member of Parliament Honourable Joseph Malanji is now Minister of Foreign Affairs, replacing Mr Kalaba.
President Lungu further advised those Patriotic Front (PF) members who cannot work with him to leave the party.
If truth be told, it is this one: PF is bigger than any politician. If any politician resigns his position, there are others who can take the mantle of leadership. This is because Zambia is never short of leaders who want to work for the betterment of this country.

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