Zambia, Netherlands partner to boost poultry

Agri-Pro Focus Zambia (APF) is working with the Poultry Association of Zambia (PAZ) and the Dutch government to create a platform that will enhance business linkages and investment in the poultry sector between Zambia and the Netherlands.
APF country coordinator, Claire Van Der Kleiji, said the two countries are still in talks on how to establish potential investors by hosting a poultry industry exchange, dubbed ‘Discover Zambia’, in the Netherlands this year which is expected to promote the two countries in poultry businesses.
Ms Van Der Kleiji said the Dutch government is working to promote business in Zambia to enhance trade relations.
“We are working together with the Dutch government through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs based in Zambia. They are seeking to promote Dutch business in the country, one of the challenges that the Netherlands face [is that the business community there lack knowledge on the opportunities being offered in Zambia].
“Our role as APF is to bring the Zambian businesses to the Netherlands and vis-à-vis, by coming up with a match-making event which will provide the Zambian business a platform to showcase trade opportunities,” she said.
Ms Van Der Kleiji said ASF is still looking for companies that have interest in participating in the exchange programme as the two countries work towards finalising the concept of the event.
ASF is also promoting entrepreneurship and connecting producers with national and international markets.
The company aims at opening up market potential for businesses in developing countries and address the global challenge of sustainably feeding over nine billion people by 2050.

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