Zambia needs smart plan for water harvesting

LLOYD Kaziya.

MINISTER of Water Development, Sanitation and Environmental Protection Lloyd Kaziya says Zambia needs smart infrastructure reservoirs to harvest rainfall water.
Mr Kaziya said it is unfortunate that 50 percent of water supplied from the Kafue River to Lusaka is wasted through leakages resulting in the government losing a lot of revenue.
Mr Kaziya, who is Matero member of Parliament (MP), said water experts from the United Arab Emirates (UAE) have been invited to help Zambia enhance its water management systems.
He said in an interview yesterday the government is looking at different reservoirs and how sustainably the country could harvest rainfall water.
“In Lusaka, for example, there is a lot of flooding. Unfortunately, we wait until water sinks into the ground. We have to put up drains that can channel this water into the main drainages like the Mazyopa-Bombay drainage,” Mr Kaziya said.
He is concerned that a number of houses were submerged in water during the rainy season because of poor water management.
“We must create a system where we begin to collect and channel rainfall water into dams and streams so that rivers like Chongwe do not become dry during dry spells,” Mr Kaziya said.
Mr Kaziya, who recently attended the 2017 International Water Summit in the UAE, said the event showcased products from various sectors like energy, distribution and sewage networks.
He said his ministry is in discussions with the Ministry of Home Affairs to ensure water experts from the Arab Emirates have a smooth passage into Zambia to make their independent assessment on how best they can help Zambia improve its water management systems.

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