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ZAMBIA National Broadcasting Corporation director general Richard Mwanza (second right) speaks to Information and broadcasting services permanent secretary Godfrey Malama (right) when he went to inspect the arrival of the first phase of the digital migration equipment at KK International Airport. Looking on is Star times Communications Project Manager Jason Liu. PICTURE: CHARLES BANDA/ZANIS

Zambia making progress to bridge digital divide – Malama

GOVERNMENT says the country has made substantial progress in bridging the digital divide in line with the national development agenda.
Ministry of Information and Broadcasting Services permanent secretary Godfrey Malama said in Geneva on Tuesday that Government is working hard to provide adequate digital infrastructure to foster development.
He was speaking during a round table discussion that was looking at the progress made in the implementation of the world summit on information outcomes.
Mr Malama said information and communication technology (ICT) infrastructure plays a critical role in achieving the goal of digital inclusion and enabling universal access to ICTs by all.
He said Government has continued to implement projects that will ensure this is achieved.
Mr Malama said Zambia has continued the implementation of the e-government project which culminated in the creation of ICT initiatives across Government ministries.
“All Government ministries are inter-connected through a Government wide area network for public dissemination of information,” he said.
The permanent secretary also said Zambia is proud of being among the first countries in the region to establish a computer emergency response team and is in working towards having the first cyber drill.
“In addition, a forensic laboratory has already been set up at the Zambia Police headquarters and plans to replicate this project in all the country’s 10 provincial centres are underway,” he said.
He said Government has developed a draft national strategy on child online protection.