Zambia launches e-visa

GOVERNMENT, through the Department of Immigration, has launched the e-visa system to improve efficiency as well as curb corruption and theft.
Deputy Minister of Home Affairs Panji Kaunda said during the launch yesterday that the initiative will help protect Zambia’s resources.
Lieutenant Colonel (rtd) Kaunda said the e-visa will help the Department of Immigration earn public trust.
“Government has put in place initiatives aimed at minimising the need for human contact with clients and reducing temptation for corruption and thefts of the much-needed government resources,” Col Kaunda said.
He also said the e-visa facility will offer outreach benefits to visitors and tourists such as easy access to information about foreign nationals streamlining of visa application processes.
He also said the initiative will not only enable would-be visitors to Zambia apply for visa online but will also not compromise the country’s internal security, which is the primary pre-occupation of the department.
Col Kaunda urged the Department of Immigration to contribute more finances to the national treasury.
He said the automated systems will help in the effective monitoring of government revenue being collected by those charged with the responsibility of banking such public revenue.
And Ministry of Home Affairs permanent secretary Elwyn Chomba said the challenges that the department is facing such as loss of documents will be a thing of the past.
Professor Chomba said the initiative will help lure more investors and tourists to Zambia.
She also said the initiative will help ascertain the number of people visiting Zambia.
Meanwhile, Department of Immigration director general Moola Milomo said the department collected K780 million in the last five years, which is way above its target.

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