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Zambia in Africa top 5 destinations

A LATEST investment index by Quantum Global Group has ranked Zambia the fifth most attractive investment destination in Africa.
Quantum Global is a group of companies offering investment expertise in a range of activities while identifying unique gateway opportunities between African and global markets.
It its latest independent research, Quantum Global Group ranks Zambia the fifth most attractive investment destination on the continent due to the country’s significant domestic investment and access to money supply.
According to the report which ranks Botswana as the top most attractive country in Africa, the top five African investment destinations attracted an overall foreign direct investment (FDI) of US$13.6 billion.
Morocco ranks second based on its increasing solid economic growth, strategic geographic positioning, increased FDI, import cover ratio and overall favourable business environment.
In third position is Egypt, whose index was based on its increased FDI, real interest rates and growing urban population.
The fourth country is South Africa which scored well on the growth factor of its gross domestic product (GDP).
Quantum Global research lab’s newly released Africa investment index aims at providing investors in Africa with a guide of the countries and markets most attractive for investment in the short to medium term.
And Economics Association of Zambia president Chrispin Mphuka said Zambia’s fifth ranking is good for the country’s investment portfolio.
Mr Mphuka said in an interview yesterday that the ranking should be sustained so that the country can attain higher levels of economic growth.
“That’s good for the country as it sends a good picture in the market [economy], and we need to sustain the investment levels and make them higher,” Mr Mphuka said.

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