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Zambia to host cyber-crime meeting

From ESTHER MSETEKA in Chinsali
ZAMBIA is next month expected to host a technology conference in Livingstone aimed at finding solutions to cyber-crime.
Zambia Information and Communication Technology Authority (ZICTA) director of technology and engineering Patrick Mutimushi said the meeting would attract delegates from around the world.
Mr Mutimushi said the banking sector has been hit by crime on the Internet, but pornography is a source of worry especially on WhatsApp.
“We will be organising a cyber-drill. A cyber-drill is getting people from different countries to come to Zambia and create an attack for example on a system and do a practical aspect of how you would deal with such a situation when there was such a crime attack,” Mr Mutimushi told journalists in Chinsali on Friday.
Mr Mutimushi also cautioned people who distribute pornographic materials to stop because the practice was detrimental to development.
He said cyber-crime then not only the responsibility of ZICTA but all Zambians.
Mr Mutimushi urged Zambians to use technology for progressive activities to contribute to the country’s economic development.
He added that ZICTA has formed a computer response team which incorporates other countries in fighting cyber-crime.
Under the law, a person who produces and distributes pornography can be jailed for 10 years upon conviction.
Earlier, Nawa Samatabele said distributors of pornographic materials on the Internet can be located using technology irrespective of where they are hosting their websites from.

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